Beepo Puts Down Roots - GGJ 2023

Beepo Puts Down Roots was a submission to the Global Game Jam 2023, the theme for which was "Roots" - after some brainstorming we arrived at the concept of a little plant guy who can grow copies of himself in order to solve platforming puzzles. This game was completed in less than 48 hours with myself acting as programmer, my brother as artist and animator, my cousin as sound designer, and our friend as designer and programmer. This was my first game jam and I had an absolute blast! Working under a strict time constraint forced my team and I to think on our feet in a way I hadn't had to before for a coding project. We had to develop strict priorities for what features we wanted to implement, as well as strongly define our gameplay loop and stick to that plan. You can download and play Beepo Puts Down Roots by clicking here!
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