LANCE - Where It All Began

LANCE is the first game I ever programmed from scratch. This project was based off the classic arcade game Joust. Two players take control of the righteous Red Knight (arrow keys) and the bodacious Blue Knight (WASD) in their epic battle for supremacy over the sky. It's a first to five match; defeat your opponent by colliding with them at a greater velocity than they are moving! LANCE is built in Dr. Racket, a purely functional programming language. This means no loops. It is built entirely from function and variable declarations and conditionals. The nature of Racket emphasizes good program design - you have to have a clear vision of how you want your code to work, there isn't a lot of room for finagling. LANCE is dinky for sure, but I think the code I wrote is solid. This project was a great exercise in how to translate my thoughts on how a program should work into actual code.

You can download LANCE here. Just download the repo as a zip, unzip it and run the .rkt inside. Running the game requires Dr. Racket which you can download over here.
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