Transpose - High Flying FPS Action!!!

Transpose was my Computer Science capstone project at Temple University. This project was completed over the course of my final semester by a group of 6 led by myself. I wrote the proposal for this project at the start of the semester and it was among those selected by the class to complete. Transpose was designed to emulate the fast-paced movement focused gameplay of classic FPS games like Quake with a little bit of the flair of newer FPS' like Titanfall and Splitgate. The game comes with 4 base classes, online multiplayer gameplay, and AI bot opponents to fill out lobbies. The game was programmed in Unity using C#. You can check out the GitHub repository here. The readme includes instructions for installing and playing the game. Online interactions are most certainly not rated by the ESRB. This project really tested my ability to lead a team. The team I was working with was large and had programmers with varying levels of familiarity with the concepts we were working with. I was the most familiar with Unity at the time, and it fell to me to delegate most of the tasks. Encouraging communication between team members was especially crucial as this project was completed at the height of the COVID pandemic, and we were not allowed lab time at Temple. The project timeline was managed using the SCRUM methodology, which I would go on to incorporate in my professional work after I graduated. Programming-wise, I was mostly responsible for the design of the weapons and movement abilities, as well as a significant portion of the AI for the bot players and the players' HUD. I'm really proud of what my group was able to accomplish given the time and knowledge we had going into this project.
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