TUtils - A QOL mod for Minecraft Forge

You know cube game. You love cube game! Everyone loves cube game! Temple Utilities or TUtils for short is a compact Forge Mod for Minecraft version 1.16 designed to provide some simple quality of life improvements for vanilla Minecraft. This mod was completed over half a semester by a group of 4. The most challenging part of this project was learning the ins and outs of Forge. The source code of Minecraft is obfuscated from mod creator, so a lot of this project was trial and error or learning from modding forums. This was also the first big group software project of the CS curriculum at Temple. Establishing the group dynamic also took some work, as did getting a grasp on the source control for such a complex project. Pictured here are all the items and blocks we added. We created a new material type, uranium, which is slightly better than iron. It is also used to make some of the redstone components we added. Also included in TUtils are tools that combine the functionality of the other base tools; A pickaxe-shovel for quarrying, or a axe-shovel for clearing a forest. Pictured above is a wireless redstone power source with its remote. Pretty neat! No more messy, mile-long redstone wires cluttering up your base. Also added were an advanced observer that monitors block updates from a distance, and a redstone plowing machine for farm automation. Now this... is my baby. This is a randomly generated structure I designed and added to the world generation algorithm. It contains some loot you can use to create some of our new items and blocks.

This project taught me a lot about working with code I didn't write - how to identify patterns and discern functionality without having the insight of the person who wrote it. As the group leader, I also learned a lot about how to manage a group project - managing timelines and setting goals, as well as delegating tasks and making executive decisions when it's unclear what needs done next.

You can check out the GitHub repo here!
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