You've found my secret! This page is dedicated to an as-of-yet unnamed project by myself and my brother and cousin. I am acting as lead programmer while my brother and cousin do the art and sound, respectively. This project is designed to be an homage to the 2-D The Legend of Zelda games, namely the Oracle games and The Minish Cap. Scroll along for some wonderful art by my very talented brother, the illustrious DoubleBoy!

Hey #PortfolioDay I'm Heath and I've been drawing smallish things recently

— Heath (@Double_Boy_) July 12, 2022
This has been my first foray into game design, not just game programming. Things like balancing turn-based combat and resource management are chief among the challenges presented by this project.

Where you off to?#pixelart

— Heath (@Double_Boy_) December 6, 2021
We've got big dreams for this project and are excited to see where it goes :-)
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